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Causes For Charity

The Chennai Marathon & Chennai Runners are committed towards supporting right causes and have been a great contributor to Charity. Here is the list of causes that has been collated for this year’s edition of The Chennai Marathon, these causes are from the Sports, Education and Healthcare sectors and span a wide variety of needs in each of these sectors. We have partnered with a few NGOs on the ground to implement the programs in the most effective manner possible. You can read more about these causes by clicking on the respective boxes. We sincerely hope you will find a cause that is dear to you and we look forward to achieving our targets with the support of your invaluable contribution!
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Making Sports Accessible

With the rising number of para athletes across the country, there is an urgent need to look at how we can create effective parasports facilities for aspiring players and also revamp the existing sport facilities and spaces to become more accessible. Many parasports players now have to attend training camps in tier-1 cities across the country. When they go back to their respective towns or smaller cities, they do not have access to sports spaces designed to their needs, where they can continue practicing.

Among the various ways and means to make sports accessible, a few goals would be:
■ To create more parasports facilities across districts of Tamilnadu
■ To convert existing sports facilities into accessible and inclusive spaces
■ To empower people with disabilities to take up sports and help them build a successful life

It is essential to do an audit of existing sport facilities in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu and map the needs of differently abled in sports, through the bottom-up approach. To achieve this goal, we also need to identify training needs of para athletes and work with designers in the inclusive design space to effectively draw out a blueprint for building para-sport facilities. The long term way forward will be to identify the right kind of sustainable projects in developing para-sports in the city and districts across Tamil Nadu.
Chennai Runners Chennai Marathon 2019 aims to move one step closer to achieving the goal of making sports accessible, with support from the running community of Chennai.

Making Education Accessible

Full educational support
Your donation provides a child with all their educational needs including tuition, books, notebooks, uniforms, transport and nutritious noon meals for one academic year.

Even nominal school fees are beyond the means of some rural families. Recognizing this challenge, Isha Vidhya provides scholarships which cover students’ tuition, notebooks and textbooks for one academic year.

Isha Vidhya functions on a grass-roots level, relying on community involvement and the support of innumerable volunteers and donors. Check our website and learn more about Isha Vidhya. Join us in our efforts to empower the rural youth of India.