All staff, volunteers, and participants are screened by medical professionals prior to entry to the event venue. If a runner has a temperature over 100°F they will not be allowed to participate.

Participants must be in good health and symptom-free from any illness for at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Runners who are displaying any possible Covid-19 symptoms including but not limited to high temperature, dry cough, etc will be asked not to attend the race.

Participants are asked to arrive on site no more than 20 minutes before their scheduled start time. Please remain in your car unless performing a race critical function (picking up your bib, using the restroom, warming up, starting your race, etc.).

Participants will not be allowed to congregate or conduct any race preparation (warm-ups, stretching, adjusting, or changing apparel, etc.) in the starting area.  Participants should approach the starting line only if they are ready to run.

If there are runners waiting for their turn to start the race, runners to wait for their turn by maintaining physical distance.

A time trail start format will be followed with a small number of runners to go at a time. Because of the staggered nature of the race, we will not have pacers at this event & the results will be published based on chip time.

Participating runners are advised to practice social distancing at this event. When in line to use the restroom, start the race, etc. please maintain 6 ft of distance between yourself and others. When passing on course, be sure and communicate to those you will be passing (call out “on your left”) and give as much room as possible when passing or being passed.

Participants passing one another on the course must adhere to “no drafting” rules which include being no closer than 10 feet behind or in front of, or 6 feet beside other competitors at any time.

Celebrate with others in a no-touch manner.

Participants will be required to leave the finish line area and proceed immediately to the exit gate as soon as they complete their race. After finishing, runners will have prepackaged food in the designated area outside of the exit gate.

Stretching or cool down workouts are not permitted at the venue to avoid runners in groups.

Within a few hours of completing the race, you will receive a text message with the finish time.

All runners will be required to wear a face mask at common areas such as the start/finish line and packet pick-up. Masks can be removed while running on the race course.